Capturing Motion, Moments, and Action consistently is challenging, and fun... and we can do it well; with the goal of Eww, Awe, Oww, Woe, and WOW...  you can look through our portfolios of tens of thousands of "Top Shot'  images and find some of the very best that were taken on that day, at that event, under those conditions. We strive to impress, while meeting or exceeding our clients goals every shoot. In the last twenty years, I can count on one hand, with fingers left over,  the times a shoot didn't produce a bunch of good to great images. 

Shoot FEE


PER Event/Shoot
  • This covers a 30 mile radius from the airport, and up to an hour of 'shoot' time. 
  • .This will produce 10 to 20 proofs
  • Gets 2 'web ready' images pre-cropped for 'profile' and 'cover'  image use, plus 1 print ready personal use downloadable. 
  • .


$10.00 to 40.00

PER Image
  • Normally $12.50 to 50.00
  • Web Display & Personal Print Use

Basic Commercial


PER Image
  • Normally $250
  • Commercial Web Use

Unlimited Use


PER Image
  • Normally does not include Merchandising Rights
  • Unlimited Royalty Free
    Commercial Use -
    Web and Print.

Our 'homebase' is Louisville, Tennessee

Yes, Tennessee... not Kentucky. It's near the Knoxville airport, by Maryville & Alcoa. Most of our photography we do occurs on location, in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area.... but also occasionally Nashville, Atlanta, Chatanooga, Johnson City, and other points in the USA.  

We are experienced at Sports Action, Concerts, Portraits, Products, People, Pets, and Nature...  in general, we do NOT photograph 'weddings' or engagements. Motion & Action is our preferance, with the goal of capturing stuff the average person with a camera can not get consistently. We can! 

Our expenses are usually far less than most, but it does depend in part upon the job. We are a team... where one goes, we both generally go... our travel expenses by car are usually quite cheap (about the same as it would be for any 'one person' - for both of us).  A single hotel room for any other night stay requirements. Vehicle if transportation is necessary. As well as meals. However, any flights would need to include TWO TICKETS in most cases. 

Get in touch ~ let us know how our Photography & Web Skills might help you (or at least what your goals are, so we can propose something to impress your customers, clients, or FANS)

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